The Jobbins scholarship is sponsored by the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association It was created to honor the contributions of the late Professor Daniel Manley Jobbins of Rutgers University to the understanding of wetlands environments and of the biology and control of mosquitoes and other arthropod pests and disease vectors, and for his dedicated support in the establishment and development of The Northeastern Mosquito Control Association.

CRITERIA - The Jobbins Scholarship will go to a student or students whose work is in an area relevant to mosquito, biting fly control or other vectors in the Northeast related to disease transmission; for example, wetlands biology-ecology, entomology or vector parasitology. Studies may range in nature from purely ecological to strict vector control.

JUDGING AND AWARD - The recipient(s) of the award will be chosen by the NMCA Scholarship Committee. The recipient(s) will be designated at the Annual Meeting of the NMCA and the award of not to exceed three thousand dollars ($3,000) will be given at the meeting.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE RECIPIENT(S) - (1) To perform his/her research to the best of his/her abilities showing imagination and zeal and not only to search out solutions or knowledge regarding new problems but to bring new knowledge and ideas to bear on the solution of old ones. (2) While it is not required, we encourage the recipient(s) to submit a progress report at the end of a year's work. In any event, a request for renewal must be accompanied by a report of the prior year's work and accomplishments. (3) At the end of the project, or earlier if appropriate, to present the results at the Annual Meeting of the NMCA and at any other appropriate societies, to seek appropriate publication of the results and to acknowledge NMCA support.

NEW FOR 2019: Recently approved by the NMCA Executive Board is a student travel grant application, to allow current undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited college or university to attend our annual meeting. GRANT APPLICATION

APPLICATION - The Scholarship may go to a candidate or candidates whose work is at any stage of completion, at the discretion of the NMCA Scholarship Committee. Please supply a copy of the proposal, including specifically the methods, goals and background of the problem, curriculum vitae of the candidate and a letter of support from an advisor by November 1 of the year of application. Submissions of applications are to be made to:


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