The McColgan Grant-in-Aid is sponsored by the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association, NMCA. It was created to honor the contributions of the late John J. McColgan, Chairman of the State Reclamation Board as a guardian of the administrative and legislative interest of Massachusetts mosquito control.

CRITERIA: The McColgan Grant-in-Aid will go to an individual or individuals whose work is directly related to the advancement of operational mosquito control: for example, surveillance technology, spray technology, biological control, physical control, or data processing.

JUDGING AND AWARD: The recipient(s) of the award will be chosen by the NMCA Scholarship Committee. The recipient(s) will be designated at the Annual Meeting of the NMCA and the award in amount equal to necessary and appropriate expenditures as determined by the NMCA Scholarship Committee not to exceed three thousand dollars ($3,000) will be given accordingly.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE RECIPIENT(S) (1) To perform his/her research to the best of his/her abilities in general compliance with known and accepted methods and/or procedures. (2) To search out solutions to new operational methodology as well as the advancement of existing methods. (3) To present the results in a part or in whole at the Annual Meeting of the NMCA and subsequently thereafter until completion not to exceed three (3) years or at any other appropriate societies, to seek appropriate publication of the results and to acknowledge NMCA support.

APPLICATION: The award may go to a candidate or candidates whose work is in any stage of completion, at the discretion of the NMCA Scholarship Committee. Please submit applications by November 1 of the year of application. Submission of applications are to be made to:


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