Paul Capotosto

State of Connecticut Department of Enviromnental Protection

Wetlands Restoration Unit

51 Mill Road, Madison, CT 06443


Wintertime in Connecticut is a very busy time for the Wetlands Restoration Unit (WRU). During the winter of 1993-94, Connecticut was in the worst winter weather in history, the WRU was working on a large marsh restoration project called Fletcher Creek in Milford, Connecticut. The cold weather actually helped our work and because of the frozen peat we were able to go into very soft areas to remove and move spoils to upland areas.

This project included 1800 feet of re-cleaned channels and 1800 feet of new channels. Also, included in the project were five 75 feet in diameter ponds in different locations around the 35-acre site. All the work had to be completed by early spring because the WRU would be getting $73,460.00 at the completion of the project. These funds were important because the staff is not on state general funds and without the funds the WRU would not be able to continue past July 1, 1995.

We have also started to look at doing some freshwater projects. Most of these projects will be some type of vegetation control. In August, we will do some herbiciding and then come back in the winter and cut down the unwanted vegetation. Finally, the winter months are ideal for investigating and planning wetland restoration work. If it gets too cold, we will bring our equipment into the shop for maintenance.