The R.E. Dorer Award is the highest achievement award of the Virginia Mosquito Control Association and of the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association. Mr. Dorer graduated from Rutgers University in 1932 and moved to Virginia in 1933. From his position at the Virginia State Department of Health he spearheaded mosquito control efforts for over 50 years.

An innovator for all environmental protection matters, Mr. Dorer argued successfully in the late 1960's for solid waste to be stored in a mound covered by dirt rather than in a pit deep in the earth. Burying solid waste tended to pollute the ground water. The result is Mount Trashmore, now a thriving city park in Virginia Beach, VA which serves as a model of solid waste disposal. Mr. Dorer also served for years on the Virginia Beach Wetlands Board, protecting valuable marshes in the area.

Mr. Dorer's success in mosquito control came through the State Health Department and as a Commissioner to the Virginia Beach Mosquito Commission for many years. He served as an unpaid technical advisor after his retirement. Mr. Dorer was an active member and past president of each of the following associations: Virginia Public Health Association, Virginia Mosquito Control Association, Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association, and the American Mosquito Control Association. Mr. Dorer received the highest AMCA award, the Medal of Honor Award in 1981 for his exceptional contributions to mosquito control .

During the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting held on March 13, 1997, the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association bestowed the R.E. Dorer Award on William Zawicki for his years of service and dedication to mosquito control. Bill's start in the industry, creation of his own company and continuing efforts with a parent company, were cited. The growth of Northeast Vector Management Inc. is a testimonial to Bill's knowledge and innovation combined with his business and people skills. Bill's willingness to help in testing and perfecting new products while supporting existing technology has helped many agencies stay on the cutting edge of mosquito control. Mr. Zawicki had the added pleasure of having one of his four daughters present at the award ceremony.

While the name of the recipient was kept secret until the very end, Bill was the only person in the room surprised by the announcement.

Chester Stachecki, Delaware Fish & Wildlife

Howard Emerson, Camden County MEC

**Thank you to Chester Stachecki for allowing the reprint of this article.**

Also, congratulations to Bill for his election as Vice President of the American Mosquito Control Association. He will be the Program Chair for the AMCA Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada in March 1998.

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