Mosquito Control back in Connecticut

The State of Connecticut has appropriated $440,000 for mosquito control for the first time since that program was abolished several years ago. The appropriation includes $144,000 for virus testing by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

This program is dedicated to the management of state lands for mosquito control. The thrust will be in the form of Open Marsh Water Management; as a result of viral tests, there will be an insecticide application program as well.

A "Mosquito Fact Line" will be set up for the general public to learn what the status of the mosquito population may be.

The new Mosquito Control Unit will work side-by-side with the existing Wetland Restoration Unit which will still perform marsh management on the other lands as supported by grants-in-aid.

Robert Kent

NJ Office of Mosquito Control Coordination

as referenced from the NJMCA Newsletter

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