Sarah McGregor and the Dragon

as seen in the Clarke Mosquito Control Report, Issue No. 1, 1998

As an entomology student at the University of New Hampshire, Sarah McGregor never set out to be a pioneer in the business of mosquito control, but a pioneer she has become. First, by benefiting from the privatization of mosquito control in New Hampshire, and, second, by being one of the first of the few women to fully own a mosquito control company in the US.

From the time she was a young girl in Concord, N.H., Sarah has always been interested in science. She took every entomology course she could, and, in 1981, received her degree from the University of New Hampshire. Even before she graduated, Sarah had secured a job as a field worker in mosquito control. Later she became the superintendent of one of the mosquito control programs in the state.

Then, in a 1988 newspaper interview, Sarah was misquoted and the article stated "To get your yard sprayed for a fee call Sarah McGregor." After receiving well over 100 calls, Sarah realized that there was a definite market for private mosquito control, even in towns that had organized programs.

The next year Sarah bought a LECO ULV, a truck and some backpack sprayers, and Dragon Mosquito Control was born.

Sarah then called Bill Zawicki of Northeast Vector Management to see what could be done for backyard mosquito control. Bill suggested using a motorized backpack sprayer and Permethrin 10% EC. Bill and Sarah worked out a barrier treatment and found the results were fantastic, and her business grew.

By 1994 the New Hampshire had gone private with the exception of one town. What about Sarah? In 1997 she had 4 spray trucks, 2 LECO sprayers, 10 motorized backpack sprayers, an assortment of other equipment and 6 employees. Dragon Mosquito Control uses Vectobac G and Altosid as its primary larvicides on the salt marshes. Scourge and Biomist are the weapon of choice for aduliticides.

This year Sarah is the vice president of the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association.

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