Vertical Scroll: Proclamation

Hear ye, hear ye; to all inhabitants of Plymouth, Massachusetts;

Whereas, Raymond D. Zucker has been Secretary of the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association since 1993; and

Whereas, Ray Zucker has performed his duties as Secretary to the Association and numerous other duties in a manner befitting the ideals upon which we are founded; and

Whereas, the membership has benefited greatly from Ray Zuckerís attention to detail and knowledge of our procedures and protocols; and

Whereas, Ray will be retiring from the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project in the very near future; and

Whereas, the Association would ask Ray to consider continued involvement to allow his wisdom and guidance to enlighten another generation of mosquito control professionals; and

Whereas, the membership will be forever indebted to Ray for the time and attention he has paid to his NMCA duties;

Be it therefore resolved, that the Northeastern Mosquito Control Association declares December 5, 2007 to be Ray Zucker Day.

And be it further resolved that the membership extends its hearty congratulations and well wishes to Ray for a long and enjoyable retirement from Plymouth County Mosquito Control and requests his consideration for his continued participation in our beloved Association.