Northeastern Mosquito Control Association

2018 Entomologist Challenge

2018 NMCA Program Chair Chris Horton had a great idea; for entomologists in our membership to consider participating in the “2018 Entomologist Challenge”.  At our annual meeting we included several presentations which focused on mosquito species that are relevant to our lives and work here in the Northeast.  Participants gave a short presentation (10-15 minutes) to provide a somewhat detailed description of the mosquito along with interesting features specific to that species.  The goal was to have fun and increase mosquito knowledge across NMCA membership and meeting attendees.  Several entomologists answered the call, and their presentations are submitted below.


Click on a highlighted link for a .pdf of their presentation:


·       Entomologist Challenge #1

          Curtis Best – Aedes japonicus


·       Entomologist Challenge #2

Elizabeth Henderson – Ochlerotatus triseriatus


·       Entomologist Challenge #3

          Charles Lubelczyk – Aedes sollicitans


·       Entomologist Challenge #4

          John Shepard – Aedes cinereus


·       Entomologist Challenge #5

          Kimberly A. Foss – Wyeomyia smithii


·       Entomologist Challenge #6

          Kaitlyn O’Donnell – Coquillettidia perturbans


·       Entomologist Challenge #7

          Gabrielle Sakolsky – Aedes taeniorhynchus


·       Entomologist Challenge #8

          Doug Bidlack – Psorophora ferox


·       Entomologist Challenge #9

          Timothy Lynam – Aedes albopictus


·       Entomologist Challenge #10

          Todd Duval – Ochlerotatus trivittatus


·       Entomologist Challenge #11

          Ellen Bidlack – Culiseta melanura


Thank you to all those who presented and gave permission for inclusion here.