NMCA Field Day – 2019


NMCA is planning a Field Day on October 17, 2019 from 8:30am to 2pm and is open to Association members only – check this link to find out how to become a member: http://www.nmca.org/membership.htm.  


The meeting location is at Myles Standish State Forest in South Carver, MA.  The agenda for the day is posted below.  Lunch will be provided free of charge for all participants, provided by NMCA and our sponsors. Registration is now open – please click the button below


(Please note: registration will be done via e-mail. Please include the names of all registrants from your agency/company). 2.5 PESTICIDE CREDITS (MASSACHUSETTS) WILL BE AVAILABLE.









8:30- Welcome Address- Gabrielle Sakolsky


8:30-9:30- Blake Dinius, Entomologist – Plymouth County Extension


Topics will include basic ecology of deer ticks and the disease landscape including distribution of infection rates including co-infections. Personal protection tips will be reviewed including the use of permethrin-embedded clothing, repellents and preforming tick checks.


9:30- 10:15-  Dr. Jennifer Forman-Orth, State Survey Coordinator- MDAR


Topics will include identifying invasive insects & plants. Tips on locating ecology & habitats for invasives in the region.


10:15- 10:30- Coffee Break


10:30- 11:30- Laurie Rocco, Pesticide Inspector- MDAR


Hands-on demonstration of pesticide spills in the field with explanation of PPE & handling procedure for the specific pesticides that are used to control mosquitoes. Understanding the label & pollinator protections measures.


11:30- 11:50- Rocco Micelotta & Jason Normandin, EJ Prescott: Demonstration & discussion on products & services.


11:50- 12:00- Ted Bean, ADAPCO: Update on products and services


12:00- 12:10- Jeff O’Neill, Central Life Sciences: Update on products and services


12:10- 12:20- George Williams, UNIVAR: Update on products and services


12:20- 12:30- Brandon Selby, Target Specialty Products: Update on products and services


12:30- Lunch provided by the NMCA Association and Sponsors


1:00- 1:10- Wally Terrill, Clarke: Update on products and services


1:10- 1:20- Jim Andrews, Valent Bioscience: WALS update for using truck mounted equipment for larviciding cryptic habitats


1:30- 2:00- Dave Lawson, Director- Norfolk County Mosquito Control District


Demonstration on how the District conducts barrier applications for mosquito control using both our A-1 truck mounted mist sprayer & a Stihl back pack sprayer. Including how it can also be useful for tick control at the same time during the same application. The demonstration will involve education related to issues that must be taken into account when conducting barrier applications including:


What is a barrier application and how does it work?

Assessing the vegetative barrier before considering an application.

Correct mixing of pesticide.

Following the label, with attention given to pollinator protection.

Avoiding drift onto non-target property.


This event would not be possible without the efforts of the NMCA Executive Board, especially Priscilla Matton, Gabrielle Sakolsky and Caroline Haviland.


Thanks also go out to: Adapco, Clarke Mosquito Control Products, EJ Prescott, Valent BioSciences, Bristol County MCP, Norfolk County MCD and MA DCR for their assistance and sponsorship.


Park Directions:


Myles Standish State Forest is located in southeastern Massachusetts in the town of Carver.


From the North: Rt. 93 South/US-1South. Take MA-3 South toward BRAINTREE/CAPE COD. Merge onto Samoset St. via Exit 6B toward CARVER. Turn slight left onto Seven Hills Rd. Turn slight right onto Federal Furnace Rd. Federal Furnace Rd. becomes Tremont St. Turn left onto Cranberry Rd. Follow the map below.


From Rte. 495: Take Rte. 495 to exit 2 (South Carver) and left at the intersection on Rte. 58. Take Rte. 58 north and stay on Tremont St. Take a right on Cranberry Rd. Once you enter the park from Cranberry Rd. Follow the map below.


From Southeast: Rt. 3 North to Exit 1B on the left toward PLYMOUTH/BOSTON.  Take the Clark Rd. exit, Exit 3, toward Beaver Dam Rd./Pine Hills. Turn slight left to take the Clark Rd. ramp toward Long Pond/State Forest. Turn left onto Clark Rd. Turn right onto Long Pond Rd.  Turn left onto Alden Rd.  Alden Rd. becomes Lower College Pond Rd. Turn sharp right onto Cranberry Rd. Follow map below.


Click here for .pdf directions



Map of park showing Field Day location


field day map