NMCA Scholarship & Award Information

The NMCA Executive Board wants to remind everyone that it's never too early to begin thinking about the various scholarships, grants and awards that the NMCA offers to the membership each year:

      The Bob Armstrong Award: is given to a NMCA member for meritorious service to NMCA and mosquito control. More details here.

      The McColgan Grant-in-Aid: will go to an individual whose work is directly related to the advancement of operational mosquito control: for example, Surveillance technology, Spray technology, Biological control, Physical control, Data processing. More details here - Application

      The Jobbins Scholarship: will go to a student whose work is in an area relevant to mosquito or biting-fly control in the Northeast; for example, wetlands biology-ecology, entomology or vector parasitology. Studies may range in nature from purely ecological to strict vector control. More details here - Application

      The Dave Scott Memorial Award: This award is dedicated to the recognition of the fact that many advancements in our work come from the rank-and-file as a result of their time spent on the job, their experience and common sense. It may acknowledge an improvement in a procedure, a practice, any of the many operational strategies that we perform in mosquito control on a day-to-day basis. More details here.

      The David H. Colburn Award: This award is dedicated to David H. Colburn, charter member of NMCA, in recognition of his service to mosquito control and his perfect attendance for the first 50 NMCA Annual Meetings. NMCA members in good standing for at least 2 years and with 20 years consecutive or cumulative in mosquito control are eligible. More details hereapplication

For more information on these awards, please contact Emily Sullivan (nemmc.edws@comcast.net) at (978) 463-6630

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